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RPM is a professional project management company, specialising in the building industry. We are a 'peace of mind' company. We provide our clients with an assurance that their project will be completed on time and at budget through efficient assessment and management of risk.

Risk Management

RPM has been operating for over ten years. During this period we have been involved in a range of construction and development projects of varying sizes. Refer to the project case studies attached for more information.

The building industry is a complex maze of contributing forces including design consultants, local authorities, regional authorities and legal issues. The RPM role is primarily one of acting as the ‘hub-in-the-wheel’; coordinating and motivating the various parties to achieve a successful outcome. A successful outcome is generally measured in terms of budget, programming and quality control.

In close consultation with our clients we establish teams based on the needs and requirements of each individual project. This makes for a far more tailored and specific response to the requirements of the project brief.

In public sector works, the utilisation of project managers is mandatory. This is because of the need to have a single point of contact, aligned to the client, responsible for overseeing and coordinating multi-disciplinary functions, assessing risk and ultimately for bringing projects in on budget and on time.

Private sector projects are no different. They all require a single point of focused, effective management.

Call me today for a free consultation on 021 658 016 and discussion before you commence your private or company building or development project or send us your details.

RPM will de-risk your building project as it evolves through the various stages.

As our case studies indicate we have experience in a wide range of projects:-

Our skill set includes:

Greg Robbins

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"I have over 25 years of project management experience in the building industry. That knowledge and experience is provided to clients of RPM. I look forward to the opportunity to show you how to gain maximum benefit from your building or relocation process."

Greg Robbins
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